GOOD CAUSE: Ryan Totman, 11, strikes a pose as he prepares for the Miss/Mr Diamond International Australia.
GOOD CAUSE: Ryan Totman, 11, strikes a pose as he prepares for the Miss/Mr Diamond International Australia.

Warwick teen to strike a pose for a good cause

WHEN Warwick pre-teen Ryan Totman enters the international modelling world, it will mean much more to him than putting a focus on his looks.

In April, Ryan will be a grand finalist in the Miss/Mr Diamond International and Australia contest, held in Brisbane and competing against talent from across the country.

The foray into the pageant world was a completely new experience for the 11-year-old, who started modelling after he realised how his anxiety floated away on the stage.

“I always wanted to do it to work on my self-confidence and this is a fun starting off point,” he said.

“It’s a bit frightening but you get used to it.”

For proud mum, Gill the confidence change had been palpable.

“Ryan has battled a bit of anxiety and depression and I think this helps him with his self-esteem,” she said.

“He’s about to enter high school this year and I can just notice the maturity level on him and I’m very proud.”

Ryan Totman, 11, strikes a pose.
Ryan Totman, 11, strikes a pose.

Ryan got his start at the 2019 Warwick Wedding Expo and soon after got hooked into the hobby.

“I was excited and nervous but I didn’t want to mess anything up, so I tried my best,” he said.

Ms Totman said soon after, the praise from others began as well.

“When he finished he went, ‘Oh mum, that was great’,” Ms Totman recalls.

“He was just standing there naturally when the photographers came up and took photos of him, thinking he was posing.

“Quite a few people have said he has the physique and natural talent for it.”

But unlike other ‘beauty’ contests, Miss/Mr Diamond International Australia will also give Ryan the chance to donate to a cause dear to his heart.

Money raised for entry and sponsorship would go towards Ryan’s charity of choice, Cancer Council.

For Ryan, whose grandfather is currently battling against bowel cancer, it was an easy cause to pick.

“The more donations I can get, the more I will be helping people,” he said.
“It’s not just about the competing to me.”

Ryan is currently looking for donations and will be selling raffle tickets in the future.

For more information or to help, contact Ms Totman on 0491 675 061.