FIRST LOVE: Jo Stevens and Darren Watts will open the bakery in December.
FIRST LOVE: Jo Stevens and Darren Watts will open the bakery in December.

Warwick to be delighted when new bakery opens doors

WESTSIDE’s newest bakery is a return to owner Darren Watt’s first love.

Before working as a truck driver, Mr Watts opened four bakeries throughout Australia and after trying his hand at driving, realised his true desire was to open up another in his hometown.

“I figured you always go back to something that you love so I thought we’d go and give it go,” he said.

The baker has won awards for his creations and can’t wait to share them with Warwick.

“I want to get back to scratch doughs, where you can put in nice fats and ingredients that keep it fresh and makes it a better edible product,” he said.

“It’s going to be hard to get going and get people out here but hopefully they will come out for the quality of the bread.”

Not only was Mr Watts hoping to draw in an after-school crowd, but also become a supplier for other businesses.

“It will be good for those who don’t have to go into the main street and for service wholesalers like Morgan Park who are probably going out of town,” he said.

“It will get them to spend money back in town.”

Mr Watts hopes to hire three juniors, two seniors and an apprentice.

Getting his start as an apprentice, Mr Watts knew how a solid base helps careers to rise.

“Yesterday’s apprentices are tomorrow’s tradesmen,” he said.

“I want to show them how to make nice crunchy bread because there’s nothing better than that,” he said.

The bakery is set to open its doors in the first week of December.