OPEN DOOR: Hollie Smith is ready to welcome Warwick to Candice House.
OPEN DOOR: Hollie Smith is ready to welcome Warwick to Candice House. Bianca Hrovat

Warwick welcomes a new family service for NDIS participants

SOMETIMES you're born into a family, and sometimes you choose them.

Just over a year ago Warwick mother Hollie Smith decided to swap the fast-paced life of a paramedic for disability support at Candice House.

The change empowered Mrs Smith to follow the progress of the people in her care, rather than simply dropping them off at a hospital.

"In an emergency situation you meet a person, take them to hospital and then that's it,” she said.

"But here I can try and assist people in whatever way I can and build that relationship with them.

"I really like being able to see how they change and how they improve over the course of their journey.”

At the newly opened Candice Care house in Warwick, a small team of five disability support workers are looking forward to welcoming NDIS participants into their care.

"We like to think of ourselves as family,” Mrs Smith said.

"We try to keep the same carer with the same support person to build that rapport, so they can feel like they have a friend and someone they can trust.”

The tight-knit not-for-profit business model ensures every level of management is contactable by every person who comes into their care so everyone feels cared for.

Mrs Smith said their fresh approach has seen people, once denied care out of perceived difficulty, to thrive in their communities.

"We had a gentleman in the surrounding area a lot of other companies refused to take on,” she said.

"We think he should be entitled to care just like everybody else, so we took him on and his doctors and his support network are absolutely astounded at his progress.

"Being able to do that for him was so positive and amazing, it just makes it all worthwhile.”

For further information please call Candice Care on 1800 226 342 or visit their website at