STORMS ON WAY: Warwick’s weekly forecast has thunderstorms predicted. Photo: file
STORMS ON WAY: Warwick’s weekly forecast has thunderstorms predicted. Photo: file

Warwick’s storm, fire danger rises in week of extremes

WARWICK residents are being warned to prepare for both storm and fire danger this week as a month of extreme weather continues.

After a sweltering 36C maximum in the Rose City today and another warm 33C tomorrow, predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology and online forecaster Weatherzone indicate residents can expect thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.

BOM meteorologist Peter Markworth said the Warwick area was most likely to receive rain or storms, though warned against relying too heavily on any rainfall.

“The storms themselves could have pretty heavy rain, but it’s pretty touch and go as to whether you get a storm or not,” Mr Markworth said.

“Generally, you’re only likely to see anywhere between 5mm and 10mm broadly across most of the Southern Downs, but you could see up to 15mm or 20mm if you get caught under a storm.

“Most of these storms are going to be fairly isolated though, and the risk is they could also come along with hail, which for the produce region isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Any thunderstorm will bring Warwick’s only reprieve from scorching temperatures for a week, dropping to 27C on Wednesday before rising back to the low 30s through to the weekend.

Current BOM forecasts indicate this Sunday will bring some of the warmest temperatures the Rose City has seen all year, with a blistering maximum of 37C on the charts.

Mr Markworth cautioned residents to remain aware of the region’s fire danger and warnings, as the combined dry and hot conditions could increase risk.

“Watch out for fire danger levels of ‘very high’ and above into ‘severe’, as that’s where the risk factor really comes into play,” he said.

At this stage, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has not issued a ban for the Warwick or wider South West region.