LEMONS: The Mr Squiggle car will compete from 3pm Friday.
LEMONS: The Mr Squiggle car will compete from 3pm Friday. Gerard Walsh

Watch all night racing on Friday at Morgan Park Raceway

MOTORSPORT: One team will travel from South Australia for this week's 24 Hours of Lemons race at Morgan Park Raceway.

Event organiser Sean Herbert is based at Byron Bay and will be in Warwick on Thursday to prepare for the 3pm Friday start.

Scrutineering will be on Friday morning, then the track will be open for two hours' practice and close one hour before the start.

The event goes for 24 hours with up to 10 drivers a car and finishes at 3pm Saturday.

Herbert said at the start, the 44 cars would be rolled out single file for two laps behind a pace car.

"The two laps are to calm the drivers.

"The driver of the pace car will then move back in the field to select a car randomly as the starting car,” he said.

"None of the drivers know which car has been chosen as the starter.

"This is an endurance event, not a speed event. I expect the fastest to go 140km/h.

"There will be slow cars and some quicker cars among the entries.”

Noise restrictors will restrict the noise of the Lemons cars to no more than highway traffic.

Admission is free and spectators can watch the night or day action from the grandstands near the overhead bridge at Morgan Park.