IT MIGHTN'T have been the downpour that many people were hoping for, but weather around the Rose City put on quite the spectacle yesterday.

Chris McFerran of South East Queensland Weather Photography was on hand for some incredible scenes that swept throughout the region.

Mr McFerran has many years of experience as a storm chaser, and his timing was impeccable as he captured a dust devil making its way through Maryvale.

"I knew we were going to get storms, so I put my gear in the car,” Mr McFerran said.

"The first storm missed Warwick, but there must have been huge wind gusts at Gladfield, because a few road signs were flattened, which is an indication of the strength of the winds.

"The dust devil formed in the car park of the pub, so I got the camera out.

"It was the first time I had saw one. Previously I had seen them out in paddocks or a distance away crossing a field, but the fact that it was in town. It had some fantastic momentum.”

Such was the impact and fast-moving nature of the dust devil, Mr McFerran found himself in the firing line.

"It stung like all hell when it hit me,” he said.

"From there it hit the pub, bounced off it, and re-formed again.

"If it was a tornado I would have run. I could see it turning, and once it decided on that path, it took off straight towards me.”

Storm action from Maryvale yesterday.
Storm action from Maryvale yesterday. Chris McFerran/South East Queens

The show didn't stop there, as the eventful afternoon for Mr McFerran continued.

"Shortly after that, a long line developed towards Warwick,” he said.

"There was maturing on the storm towards Karara, so I decided to get out to Leslie Dam.

"It was shaping up nicely with a shelf cloud, and bolts were dropping inside.

"I got lucky with two bolts all captured in the one exposure.

"They're not uncommon, but can generally be a part of the same bolt.”