A WARWICK photographer's morning outing at Leslie Dam yesterday led him to a sight he has never seen before as birds swooped down on a huge school of fish.

The fish have been sighted in large proportions by fishermen who frequent the dam.

Chris McFerran, who captured the wildlife event on video, said the bony bream could have been clustered in a spawning process.

"Apparently they school up in the dam which they are doing en masse at the moment," she said.

He said it made for good fishing opportunities because there could be yellow-belly and larger fish bellow the school of bony bream.

But fishermen weren't the only ones lured by the sight of fish splashing on the water.

The amount of bird life at Leslie Dam had increased significantly according to Mr McFerran, predominantly pelicans and cormorants.

"I personally haven't seen anything like that at Leslie Dam... it was just amazing the amount of bird life out there," he said.

He said it was possible more birds from out West have come to Leslie Dam in search of water and food during drought.