DEVASTATED by the news his bog brother was facing serious heart surgery, Callum Grady hatched an plan to put a smile on his face using one of his favourite TV stars.

Dylan Grady, 24, this month found out he would have to undergo open heart surgery to repair a life-threatening aneurysm.

Tests revealed the chiropractor and long-time local lad had inherited aortic dissection, a serious condition that that killed his grandfather and great-grandfather and almost took his father's life.

Though he remained upbeat, Callum could tell the news initially rattled his brother.

So rather than watch his him struggle through a tough time, he decided to do something to boost his spirits.

And boy did he do that.

Callum messaged Josh Radnor, who stars as Ted Mosby in TV Series How I Met Your Mother. The cult series just so happens to be one of Dylan's favourite TV shows.


Scott and Dylan Grady.
Scott and Dylan Grady. Contributed

Callum explained to Radnor just what his brother was facing.

"Literally the next morning I woke up to a call from him and he asked for my email and wanted to chat about what was going on with Dylan," Callum said.

"It was pretty cool, he's a great guy."

The next day Radnor had sent a video through of himself and Australian musician Ben Lee, who together are music duo Radnor and Lee, sending well wishes to Dylan.

"I posted it straight away and one the other workers at our office videoed Dylan's reaction.

"It was good and he just saying "What?! How did this happen?'"

Dylan said he was touched his brother had done something so nice for him.

"I was shocked and blown away - Josh Radnor is one of my favourite actors and I am going to be watching a fair bit of How I Met Your mother while I am recovering."