Brisbane angler Kerry McDougal said he had never seen Leslie Dam this low.
Brisbane angler Kerry McDougal said he had never seen Leslie Dam this low. Marian Faa

Water modelling reveals new D-day for Leslie Dam

THE amount of water rural households can draw from standpipes on the Southern Downs is set to decrease under proposed changes to Southern Downs Regional Council's water security policy.

At a general meeting today, local politicians will consider whether to continue with extreme water restrictions which were set in place last month.

Under current limits, residents must cap their water usage at 120 litres per day.

Rural households are allocated 3000L per week from standpipes but that will decrease to 2000L if recommended changes are enacted.

The decisions come as Leslie Dam sits at 7.13 per cent.

Figures show a drop in Warwick's overall water consumption from February to March, with usage now sitting below the annual average.

Modelling undertaken by the council forecasts the Warwick water supply will run out by next June if water from Leslie and Connolly dams continue to supply reticulated and raw water as well as standpipes.

Stanthorpe supplies are forecast to dry up in October.

The projection could be extended by two months if standpipe use is cut off.

A council report said dead storage levels were based on best available information as the council awaits a review.

"All three dams will be surveyed in late April or early May to determine the accuracy of the assumed dead storage levels, which will result in a more accurate determination of remaining water available for use," the report states.