SHOCKINGLY LOW: Connolly Dam levels captured this month.
SHOCKINGLY LOW: Connolly Dam levels captured this month. Bianca Hrovat

WATER WASTERS: The Southern Downs towns using most water

RESIDENTIAL water users consume far more than the allocated 100L per person, per day, according to monthly figures released by the Southern Downs Regional Council.

The disappointing statistic threatens the dwindling water supply which is expected to run out this December in Stanthorpe, and the following December in Warwick.

SDRC has issued 76 compliance notices and 11 fines to water wasters since March and estimates their efforts have saved around 23ML so far.

Killarney continues to drain water at the greatest rate, with the average resident using in excess of 200L per person, per day over August.

This use was above the five year winter average for the small town.

Pratten and Leyburn residents are also using more than double the amount of water allowed by critical level water restrictions.

Dalveen and Wallangarra were the only towns where residents hit water targets, at around 100L per person, per day.

Water use in Warwick continues to steadily decrease, with residents using an average of 126L per person, per day.

In Stanthorpe, water use stays above average at 149L per person, per day.

Connolly Dam September 2019 drought
LOWER THAN EVER: The bed of Connolly Dam stretches further into the bushland than ever. Bianca Hrovat

As of this week, Leslie Dam is recorded at 5.75 per cent capacity, Connolly Dam at 33.2 per cent capacity and Storm King at 20.5 per cent capacity.

The September bushfires didn't impact water levels at Storm King because water was taken from Quart Pot Creek.

That said, a massive 100ML has been lost to siltation at Connolly and Storm King Dam.

This compromised water accounts for more than 25 per cent of the remaining supply in the case of Storm King Dam.

SDRC is reviewing options to desilt both dams but won't be able to act on this until the usable supply has been exhausted because the project would severely compromise water quality.

There is also a plan in the works to increase the capacity of Storm King Dam once the state government has determined how much extra water that would afford the region, and whether they can afford the cost.

A council review of bores in the region is nearing completion and there are plans to make Allora independent of other towns once their bore becomes operational.

The bore at Allora will be capable of supplying the area with 350ML of water and council seeks to build the necessary infrastructure to use it for drinking water as soon as possible.