DROUGHT TO FLOODING: MacIntyre St, Leyburn on February 9.
DROUGHT TO FLOODING: MacIntyre St, Leyburn on February 9.

WET WEATHER WIN: Small town celebrates big pour

THE community of Leyburn celebrated another weekend of rainfall last week, receiving 91mm in just 24 hours.

Although certain roads were sealed and a flood warning was issued for the Condamine river, John Mellon from of the Leyburn Historic Sprints said there was a good feeling around town.

“We’ve had around 300mm of rain this year, which is more than we had altogether last year,” he said.

Mr Mellon captured images of the rain soaked town and compared it with previous dry conditions on the Sprint’s Facebook page.

“The ground at the campgrounds and around the track was dry and burnt looking and now you’ve got grass up to your ankles when you walk through,” he said.

On Sunday, 91mm of rain in Leyburn was recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology.

“Over the past seven days, Leyburn has had 125mm of rain and it received 100mm on the weekend alone,” Meteorologist Shane Kennedy said.

“Between 9am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday in the space of 24 hours, that 91mm fell.”

In Warwick, 104mm was recorded on Sunday and a flood warning was issued

Leyburn resident Mike Collins said several roads in and out of Leyburn were covered in water and closed.

“There were road closures between Leyburn and Clifton and that’s happened a few times this week as the water goes up and down,” he said.

Mr Collins was away in Toowoomba yesterday and said he could expect more road closures in Leyburn if another major downpour happens.

“Yeah I’ll have to check as it could be sealed off if we get rain like we’ve been having,” he said.

“You never really know, I guess it depends on how full the rivers are.”

Mr Collins said the Condamine going through Leyburn is at risk of spilling over.

“I think it is, it’s looking very full,” he said.