The 'Train of Thought' is set to arrive in Lismore and be craned into the new campus.
The 'Train of Thought' is set to arrive in Lismore and be craned into the new campus.

What is this train doing in Lismore’s CBD?

LISMORE is set to see a train moving through the centre of the CBD as part of a new vision for education in Lismore.

Motorists near Conway Street should be advised that at 6am today, a train is set to be lifted into the the region’s newest school.

Living School is a new progressive model of education, designed as a co-educational facility operating from kindergarten to Year 8.

The Conway Street campus will feature a range of new and innovative features, including a ‘Train of Thought’ classroom, consisting of a refurbished train carriage.

The campus will have a focus on “non-traditional” classrooms with learning pods, cubbies and open spaces.

The classic Lismore train to be used as the classroom has been living on a property at Marom Creek since 1997.

Now it is bound for its new station on Conway Street in Lismore.

Terry Golding from T& L Tilt Tray Float Hire used a 160 capacity crane to move the 16-tonne train the 23km into Lismore in preparation for its new station.

The school’s builders have been busy preparing the new school site for its opening at the end of the month.

Living School conductor, John Stewart, said the ‘Train of Thought’ was a key feature of Living School.

“The idea is to use the old rolling stock and to inspire children to understand today’s technological advancements within a historically context,” Mr Stewart said.

“By creating inspiring spaces in which to learn the children feel connected to our heritage and want to be engaged in learning for the future.”

Mr Stewart said he used to take “The Red Rattler” to Byron Bay most weekends growing up.

The new school teaching methods will feature a culmination of all of Mr Stewart’s years of experience at international schools such as Cambridge, Hill House in London and the Green School in Bali.

“I am very excited to bring the train back to the city in which I did all my school years and give it new life,” he said.