Rainy days have bought unseasonal cold to Warwick.
Rainy days have bought unseasonal cold to Warwick. kulkann

WHAT'S GOING ON: Crazy days smash Warwick weather records

YESTERDAY Warwick shivered through its coldest February day on record and that's after the record was firstly smashed on Thursday, the first day of February 2018.

The lowest daily maximum temperature recorded previously was 21.1 degrees on February 3, 2004.

Thursday only reached 20.3 degrees and that was blitzed yesterday when the mercury struggled to reach a mere 16.8 degrees at 3pm.

Almost five degrees lower than the record and a whopping 13 degrees lower than the monthly maximum average temperature for February.

Since Thursday evening Warwick has been covered in cloud and rainy conditions with 20mm falling and more expected today.

The whole region has a high chance of showers all day and several sporting events around town have already been cancelled today.

The top temperature expected today is 21 degrees, still seven degrees lower than the monthly average.

Tomorrow should see temperatures start climbing again, with a top of 27 and a lessening chance of showers ahead of Monday which should expect a top of 28 degrees.

The same is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday, with only minimal chance of rain.

The cooler, wet weather is all thanks to a south-easterly upper-level trough pushing up from the southern states.