Car mechanic working in auto repair service
Car mechanic working in auto repair service Mikola249

When mechanics morph into the Christmas Grinch

IN ALL the mechanic workshops I've worked in, traditionally Christmas Eve was a half day of work, a barbecue lunch and a few beers to welcome Santa to Queensland.

There was another tradition though - the customer who left it to the last minute to have their car serviced before heading off on their Christmas road trip.

Often these customers planned to leave that day and came into the workshop with the car already packed.

Normally the service and safety check were booked for Christmas Eve morning, with the instructions "going on a long trip” added to the job card.

Without fail we'd unwillingly have to play the Grinch and inform at least one or two customers their cars had mechanical issues that would force them to put their Christmas road trip plans on hold until after they were fixed.

We always recommend booking in this sort of work a good few weeks ahead of the date you're planning to leave.

The greatest gift you can give your trusty mechanic is time.

Time to get your car in its best working order so you won't be pushed for time to head off to fulfil your own Christmas traditions.