Wickham's number one fan John Bentley got game developers to make him a virtual Wickham's truck.
Wickham's number one fan John Bentley got game developers to make him a virtual Wickham's truck. Contributed

WATCH: Wickham's truck shows up in huge global video game

WARWICK'S own iconic Wickham Freight Lines have gone Facebook viral again in 2017 after one of it's trucks was featured in a video game.

The video of the game has currently been seen over 3500 times and was brought to the attention of Wickhams by their number one fan, 17-year-old John Bentley from Hervey Bay.

Wickham's truck in huge global game: Wickham's truck shows up in huge global game.

John, who has just finished school, is a Wickhams fanatic and an avid gamer.

John said he had designers of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game design him a special Wickham's truck to use in the game.

"It's a simulator game," he said.

"You do pretty much everything you would driving a truck in real life.

"The idea is build up to own your own trucking company.

"You start out driving for others and eventually work your way up to buying your own truck and it goes from there."

John said because the online community is so easily contactable, he found out who the designers were (In Russia) and asked if they could make him a Wickham's truck.

"I asked about two weeks ago," he said.

"And then a couple of days ago, they sent me this truck - all painted up like a Wickham's truck.

"It's awesome - I love it."

John said when his family moved to Hervey Bay a few years ago, he started seeing lots of Wickham's truck around.

"I've always been a big truck person, I've grown up around them but the Wickham's trucks just fascinated me," he said.

"I love the red and white and a became a big fan."

As for the response to his video, John said he was thrilled.

"It's mad there have been so many views," he said.

"They've got a big following, but I wasn't expecting that sort of reaction, it's awesome."

John said his dream job was to drive trucks, and maybe even drive for Wickhams one day.

Wickham Freight Lines HR advisor Thomasin Keogh said John was probably their biggest fan.

"He's always sending me photos and video or our trucks that he's taken," she said.

"He also set up our fan page on Facebook, which has a ridiculous amount of followers.

"He sent this video a couple days ago and it blew us away and we had to post it straight away - it's had a huge response, we definitely have some awesome fans.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has almost 800,000 followers on Facebook and at the time of writing there were almost 40,000 people online playing the game.