DIAMOND: Australian coach Lisa Alexander.
DIAMOND: Australian coach Lisa Alexander. John McCutcheon

World Cup netball team shows the depth of talent in sport

Netball Chat with Linda Bunch

WITH 42 days prior to the Netball World Cup starting in England, Netball Australia this week announced the 12 players who will comprise the 2019 Australian Diamonds team.

These 12 women will not only endeavour to continue Australia's previous World Cup record, having held the title and honour since 2007, but will also be wanting to save face and pride after losing the 2018 Commonwealth Games final to England.

As the Commonwealth Games proved, no team should be taken lightly and no win is assured.

Whilst it is natural the 12 women named are extremely pleased with their successful selection and will look at it as the associated reward for their determination, dedication and drive; there will be equally devastated players who have missed selection.

Australia can be proud the selection process is such a difficult one and not easily gained, it is a credit to the strength of netball in Australia.

Our netball community is now full of the talk regarding "who got in, who didn't and why?” Favourites are applauded, whilst others are hypothesised over. One point is for sure, they are talented, skilled and extremely fit. They'll take the court each and every game, giving 100 per cent effort to bring home that covered title again.

Inter-district day

ON Sunday week, the Warwick Netball representative teams will be doing likewise at the Darling Downs Inter-District carnival finals at the Nell E. Robinson Courts in Toowoomba.

Whilst obviously not on par with the elite athletes, the grit, determination and efforts will be mirrored.

Warwick will field nine teams in the inter-district finals, six are Warwick age group teams and three are teams from Scots PGC playing under the Warwick banner.