SWIMMING SENSATION: Bailey Harm with coach Andrew Fidge (left) and his three gold medals.
SWIMMING SENSATION: Bailey Harm with coach Andrew Fidge (left) and his three gold medals.

Young swimmer dominates state carnival

SWIMMING: Local sensation Bailey Harm has put in another dominant performance at the Queensland State Sprint Championship, claiming three individual gold medals.

Determined to defend his 50m freestyle title, Harm had no difficulty retaining the gold swimming a 28.42 second race, becoming the first boy in his age group this year to swim sub-29 seconds.

"The freestyle he was never going to lose; he had a great start and was about a quarter of a body length in front," Harm's coach Andrew Fidge said.

"A lot of those boys have been kick around the 29 seconds, so it was great for him to be able to drop about a half a second from his qualifying time too.

"I'm just very proud of him."

Not expecting Harm to medal in the backstroke and breaststroke, Fidge was amazed at the speed of his young swimmer.

"In the backstroke, he was in second but the kid who was out in front dropped his head and shortened his stroke," he said.

"It's something I drill into all of my swimmers, keep their heads up and to continue their strokes.

"In his breaststroke, there was about four of them lined up at the flags, Bailey was sitting out in fifth, and it just came down to the touch."

Harm's breaststroke was best for Fidge, recording a two second PB with a time of 38.67 seconds in the final.

"He swam about five different strokes during the race, and just changed to the one that suited him best," Fidge said.

"I teach my kids to have a gear box and having the ability to change gears and go up."

Despite becoming the first of his swimmers to win three individual golds at the State Sprint Championship, Fidge believes there is still little things to make Harm a better swimmer.

"I think the can get a better start and just give a bit more to work to his underwater technique - just the little things," he said.

"I'm not a big fan on reaction times, if you take an extra 0.2 seconds to get off the blocks but don't have good underwater work, then you aren't going to be in front.

"For me, the 15m is the judge - if they've got to take a bit more time to get more muscles and power into their dive, it's fine by me as long as they come up ahead at that mark."