Barnaby Joyce in Rockhampton.
Barnaby Joyce in Rockhampton. Allan Reinikka ROK241117ajoyce3

YOUR SAY: 'Littleproud must support leadership challenge'

LEON Boughton shares his thoughts on the Barnaby Joyce infidelity saga and slams the "boys club” in some ranks of government.

I'm writing today to call on our local member David Littleproud MP to support a leadership challenge against the leader of the Nationals and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce MP.

I find the way that Mr Joyce has treated his family and set the lowest of examples to the men of our nation makes his position untenable.

There seems to have been a "boys club” within some ranks of the government to cover things up.

Thankfully it appears so far that Mr Littleproud mp HAS NOT been involved with any cover up regarding this matter, therefore I call on him to stay strong and not to support Mr Joyce as leader or as a member of parliament.

I believe that this is a wonderful time for our nation to send out a message to all other men (and women for that matter) that infidelity is not acceptable in our culture.

My heart goes out to Natalie Joyce and their four wonderful daughters who will have to deal with this for the years to come.

Kind Regards,

Leon Boughton.

Former Vice-President

Young Nationals Qld