Oscar and Graysen Haidley at the Warwick skatepark.
Oscar and Graysen Haidley at the Warwick skatepark.

YOUR SAY: Skatepark upgrades Warwick really wants

THE Warwick skatepark has been approved for $25,000 in upgrades, but residents say its allocation could be a wasted opportunity.

Part of the 2019-21 Works for Queensland Program Round 3, approved projects include run-off edging worth $16,000, with the remaining $9000 devoted to a new picnic bench and shelter.

While the community has been requesting upgrades for years, Warwick mum Danika Haidley said she’d prefer to see a space for younger riders like her boys Graysen, 6, and Oscar, 2.

“I’d like to see an area sectioned off for the little ones, because I can get a bit worried (Oscar) is going to cause an accident with the bigger kids trying to avoid him,” she said.

“One other thing would be security cameras, if that’s an option. You get some of the (kids) who come down here without their parents, and they just want to vandalise it.”

Upon news of the planned works, skatepark users took to social media to share disappointment the work would not be focused on the actual skatebowl.


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One Warwick father, who wished to remain anonymous, agreed younger riders needed their own space, and said the funding should be allocated based on what the park’s users need.

“They should be putting a shade over the skatepark itself. It’s only September and it’s already pretty hot during the day, let alone when it hits 45C in January and kids are still on holidays,” he said.

“The chairs and the shelter are for the ones watching, not the skatepark, which is what’s supposed to be getting improved because it’s used all the time.”

When the funding was approved last week, SDRC councillor Andrew Gale said he hoped these would be the first of many upgrades for the beloved Warwick facility.

“This is something that gets used, it’s loved, and we need to increase the standard of it to match the amount of enthusiasm we see for it,” Cr Gale said.

“It’s really good to see them being used, but over time they suffer degradation, so it’s great council staff have been able to reallocate funding.”

SDRC has not given a timeline for the upgrades, though initial reports suggest they will be completed within this financial year.